Eastern Union Funding Gives Back to the Lakewood Community by Offering Free Underwriting Training Course for Men

Trailing on a year of record-breaking success in financing commercial mortgages Eastern Union Funding is looking to give back to the community by offering an unparalleled opportunity to young men of the community. The firm is offering a free underwriting course taught by Eastern’s own top underwriters.

Commercial mortgage deals are dependent on expert underwriting to be successful. Eastern Union’s proficient underwriting team is one of the best in the field, closely scrutinizing each aspect of the deal and structuring the numbers creatively. Participants will be trained by actual members of this highly qualified team and will receive hands-on experience with the ability to be involved in underwriting actual deals.

With an increasing need for quality underwriters within the company due to recent influx of deals and the overwhelming success of Eastern’s new Affiliate Broker Division, Eastern will be considering top performing students of the course as candidates for hire. Instructed by Chesky Gross, Eastern Union’s top underwriter who, along with his team oversees all initial underwriting for deals that come in, the course will feature perspectives from various underwriters within the team as well.

The course will take place in the Howell office at 481 Oak Glen Road and will begin Monday, November 27th and extend an additional 4 sessions, with classes occurring on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm. Applicants for the course are required to bring their own laptops, have basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel and have internet access.

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